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How long has it been since you made a conscious effort to figure out where you are financially and how you’re going to get to where you want to be in the future?  Most people have neither the time nor the right tools to do this!

Our Financial Planning system is an effective process that can help us identify your financial priorities for today, and develop a plan for your tomorrows. 

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Here is something to think about to increase your RSP portfolio.  If you don’t have a lump sum saved for an annual deposit you have two options:


1. Set up a Systematic Deposit Plan to pay into your RSP monthly.  You reap a tax benefit for your year’s deposit in April of the following year.  


2. Make a lump sum deposit now to reap a tax benefit this year with an RSP loan.  RSP Loans are available at Argentium Consulting, don’t let cash flow constraints stop your RSP savings.



A sound Financial Plan can add to your net worth and peace of mind.  Your financial plan can also provide:

minimized income taxes

education funding

a hedge against inflation

effective financial protection against disability or premature death

a smooth disposition of your estate


Our financial planning process combines the right set of financial services to create a solution specific to your goals.  Our process includes:

Data Collection

Identification of Goals

Development of a Plan

Review of Alternatives

Plan Implementation

Regular reviews and updates


Not only will you find this to be a rewarding process ... but, you will also welcome the sense of security it provides.

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